New York - Day 5 - the finale

Today was the last day we are in New York. We've come a long way from that first morning trying to figure out where a subway line stopped and we could transfer. We started the morning bright and early, heading into Manhattan and watching some of the taping of the Today Show. It was neat to be there. I leave the house for work long before any national morning show is ever on in the morning, so I don't watch regularly or know how it works, but seeing people from TV in person is always interesting.

Matt Lauer and Al Rocker are short.

We went to a cathedral a little off of Rockafeller Plaza - St. Patrick's Cathedral. I don't know much about Catholic traditions, but seeing the work and elaborate detail that goes into a building is almost breathtaking.

St. Patrick's Cathedral

We hit up an NBC studio tour. No photography allow - apparently TV shows have copyrights or something. I figure it isn't worth losing a camera full of pictures while they try to delete unauthorized pics.

Strawberry Fields

We hit the Central Park Zoo yesterday; today, we finally hit Central Park proper. Mike took his sax and played in the park. I saw people playing softball, running, biking, walking, rollerblading, and hanging out. I mentioned having something like the park would be nice to have around to eat lunch in. I think having something like Central Park would be great to have around at any time - especially when there are several million people around to be active and use the facilities.

Central Park Bridge

On our first day in New York, the first thing we did was go up the Empire State Building. We didn't know anything about the city. We didn't know where we should go or what we were looking at. It's really a wonder we made it there at all.

We finished tonight at the Empire State Building. The past few nights have all been cool and rainy. Tonight was clear and it couldn't have worked out better.

View of Queens from Empire State

Tomorrow it's off to Boston. Our hotel doesn't provide free wifi there, so my posting for the rest of the trip might be a little more sporadic or possibly non-existent. It's been fun, long, tiring, and flew by so quick, but yet it seems like a month ago we got here rather than just last week.

I have some thoughts on our experiences, and I have close to 1500 pictures from the 5 days here.  I'll be writing a little more about some specific things that happened and hopefully putting up a few more pics.  The plan is to make a photo book of our trip - if you're interested in seeing more pictures from New York and Boston, let me know.