New York - Day 4

A week ago, when we looked at the forecast for New York, it called for 80 degrees and sunny. I give the local weathermen back home very little chance of being right any more than two days in advance, so I don't know why I think that ones on the east coast will be any better.

As of this morning, it called for afternoon thunderstorms. Third straight day with rain of some sort now. We really can't complain, however, as it hasn't ever rained for more than a half hour or so when we wanted to be outside.

This morning, we completed our New York visits of the five boroughs. We were in the Bronx early today and also got a taste of the commuter weekday subway rather than the weekend we just came off of. Sarah and Rhiannon didn't notice the multiple times we slowed down or almost came to a complete stop - they were too busy reading their books and listening to iPods. Yes, in three days we have become comfortable enough we really don't think about the subway anymore. It's amazing how fast it happens.

In the Bronx, we toured Yankee Stadium.

Yankee Stadium

It's being torn down at the end of the year, so we thought since we were here, it should be on our must do list. The new stadium is being constructed right next to is. When we got off the subway, we were facing the new stadium, and, never looking behind us, walked two blocks along it looking for the ticket office to buy tour tickets. It wasn't until we gave up and turned around that we saw the old, current stadium had been behind us all along. We were trying to figure out why they would tear down such a nice looking structure.

We also finally made it into north Manhattan and Central Park, starting with the Central Park Zoo.

Central Park Zoo Sign Bats in Central Park Zoo
DSC_2098 Lunch in Central Park

After the zoo and a deli sandwich lunch in the park (I seriously need something like Central Park near my office - I would go out and eat every nice day...) we toured Carnegie Hall. No pictures were allowed in the hall, but we did hear part of a rehersal for the evening performance - an elementary choir.

We hit up the Museum of Modern Art. Did we understand it all? No. I guess that's what makes it modern. We weren't even sure if some of it was art. The did have some great colors though. Under bright yellow light - everything looks almost the same color. I do retouch and color a lot of the photos I take - these two had nothing done to them other than a little sharpening.

MoMA Yellow Exhibit MoMA Color Exhibit

We ended the day with a stop at Madame Toussad's Wax Museum. The Dali Lhama thinks that was a good move.

Chris and the Dali Lhama

After dinner, things went downhill fast. It started raining (seriously, afternoon does not mean 7pm) and we managed to get ourselves on the wrong side of the subway and unable to get back in. We jumped the entrance lines. Rhiannon managed to hurt herself ducking under the turnstyle - imagine that. We hit up Bloomingdales (pricey) and the 5th Avenue Apple store (for me - even more pricey, although given the choice between one shirt or one iPod for the same dollar amount, the Apple store seemed reasonable).

Sarah did finish her book on the subway, a fact that she was very happy about.

Sarah Reading on the Subway

Yeah, these late night subway travels really have to stop. We're just getting silly at this point.

Subway Tile Subway

I think we're getting up to go to the Today Show taping tomorrow morning, so I'm out once again for the night. Tomorrow is our last day in New York. I will be nice to get out of here and kind of sad, all at the same time.