New York - Day 2

Another day down. While yesterday went exactly as we planned it, today didn't go quite as well... We might have been a little more tired after yesterday than we thought - we were tired enough last night that we didn't even set an alarm. We were still up within 15 minutes of our planned time, but just going through the motions of getting some breakfast and figuring out how the subway runs on a weekend slowed us down. Instead of doing the United Nations tour, we walked in front of it.

U.N. Building

Don't worry - we still saw a delegate's car - I think that was enough culture there.

We made our way on a bus (if you go to New York, just buy a Transit Pass - best investment we've made) to the Rockafeller Plaze. We toured Radio City Music hall, and I took pictures of random things, as I am prone to do if given half a chance.

Radio City Music Hall Store Sign

We finished the afternoon having a guided tour of the Plaza and the history of the Rockafellers in New York. We had big evening plans and headed back to our hotel to get changed. We flipped on a TV and saw flash flood warnings for every part of New York city. A little while later, after some thunder powerful enough to set off car alarms and knock out satellite reception, the heavens opened up and it poured.

We tried to wait it out, but at some point, schedules take precedence. Rhiannon and Sarah had planned to where white - not really a great color to be soaking wet in for a girl, or so I've been told. So they packed their change of clothes and we set out in the rain. It's about two blocks to the subway station from the hotel. I think packing the change of clothes was a good call.

Not quite drowned rats

We finished the night off at Birdland Jazz Club.


Pricey? Yes.

Completely worth it? Of course it was. We came out to the east coast so Mike could experience some jazz. Nothing says jazz like Birdland, especially when there are three saxes playing a show. Today didn't go as planned, but I can't complain about the experience.