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Mike informed me that he has never cooked anything or otherwise combined multiple ingredients in any fashion to create an edible outcome. By his own admission, the most complicated thing he has ever attempted is scrambled eggs. I don't mean like a quiche with chopped up veggies, seasonings, and additions. I mean eggs. In a pan. With heat. Done.

So, we changed that.

Mike's PB and Chocolate Ice Cream Mike's PB and Chocolate Ice Cream
Mike's PB and Chocolate Ice Cream Mike's PB and Chocolate Ice Cream

With a little assistance from me (mainly just setting out ingredients and measuring implements), he made peanut butter ice cream with Reese's PB cups added in.

He even chopped his own peanut butter cups. With a knife. And kept all his fingers. I did have to point out that the best part about playing the part of a chef in the kitchen is the quality control aspect of cooking - you can carefully monitor the freshness and quality of your ingredients. For example, we each had a peanut butter cup, just to make the sure the quality met expectations before we added them to the ice cream. It's that kind of dedication to the art of cooking that makes me so excited to keep trying new things.

Especially when those things are desert like in nature.

Mike's PB and Chocolate Ice Cream Mike's PB and Chocolate Ice Cream

At the time of completion, this was the best batch of ice cream we had produced in our newish ice cream maker. It may have since been surpassed by a cookie's and cream recipe, but I take nothing away from Mike's performance in the kitchen.

And yes, we do make ice cream in our laundry room, thank you very much. It was someplace we could close the door and block the sound. And also keep it out of sight to prevent me from physically trying to get in the ice cream maker while it is churning. That's how good some of the stuff coming out of it is.

Just as a note to anyone who regularly checks this site - we are getting ready to head out the East coast for a little vacation. I'd like to say that I will still throw a things up here during our travels, but I thought the same thing before we went to Mexico, and that didn't happen.