have you seen our rug? it’s GINORMOUS!

One of the main reasons I haven’t wrote about our bamboo floor install in more detail was that we had ordered an area rug to go in the bedroom and I wanted to wait for it to arrive and get a picture of everything completed. Well, it came.

We ordered the rug off of an outlet version of a store we like. It was a big rug for substantially less than we had ever seen anywhere else and it seemed too good to pass up. What could be wrong with that?

If you ever order a large rug without actually seeing in it person, there might be a few steps to take first.

Step one: Measure the room the rug will go in. Is the room actually bigger than the rug itself? This is kind of important, and even though we didn’t do this, we got it right.

Step two: Consider the purpose of the rug. Are you trying to completely cover the floor, like hiding a stained carpet, or are you merely trying to add some color and interest in an accenting type fashion? In our case, we just spent good time and money on the floor and we’re really pleased with the result so far, so we aren’t looking to hide everything we just did.

Step three: With everything else in place in the room, lay out the actual dimensions and space your rug will occupy. If you are ordering it with someone else, maybe the two of you should discuss what your expectations of actual floor coverage are. We didn’t do this either – at the time we were ordering, our furniture was piled in a guest room and there was a half finished floor in the bedroom. We skipped step one and were fine, how bad could it be?

Step four: If you just asked “How bad could it be?” at the end of step three and have exhibited a shocking lack of common sense, prepare yourself for a shocking result upon the delivery of the rug in question.

I think of the steps listed above, the odd numbered ones are the ones to concentrate on. Step three kind of takes care of step two and prevents step four. Luckily, we skipped the odd steps and concentrated on the evens.

I mention a lack of common sense because our bedroom is roughly 15 x 12 feet. The rug we ordered is 12 x 9 feet.

I’ll wait while the dimensions sink in.

Yep, you just figured out what we completely missed. That gives us around a foot and a half around the edge of the room, a foot and a half that is covered by a bed, dresser, armoire, and night stands. So, the rug would have pretty much covered the entire floor we just spent all that time putting in. We missed it when we looked online, when we discussed how nice it would look, and even up to the point where we had it unwrapped and unrolled sitting in the bedroom. Right around the time we started discussing how to get the rug underneath furniture I finally realized that it was going to go under every piece of furniture in the room.

As the enormity of the situation became apparent, Rhiannon asked “Where did we go wrong?”

I’d say it was about the time we clicked “Add to cart” on the website. It turns out Rhiannon has no sense of size (she guessed our bed to be eight feet wide) and I never paid enough attention to the actual dimensions to reach any logical conclusion about the outcome.

We haven’t quite decided what we’re going to do with the thing. It looks good – we’re happy with the color and quality. It’s just the size that’s a little off.

Magic Carpet... for 20

Yep, just a little off.  Unfortunately, it's hard to show exactly how big this thing is in a photo, so I've included people for scale.

I’m glad we can provide comic relief for Sarah and Mike.