Marriage v3.0

Today is our third anniversary.  Two years ago we were in the process of moving into our house.  We were painting, moving boxes, and generally in a state of chaos. This year, we have been working on sprinkler systems and flooring.  We have been living in a guest room, moving boxes, and generally existing in a state of chaos.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

I do want to say that one thing changed this year.

For the past two year on our anniversary, we had corn dogs, curly fries, and orange pop, compliments of our local frozen foods section in the grocery store.  The first year, it was a dinner mostly out of convenience – we didn’t have any kitchen items available to make a decent meal and neither one of us was in any state to go out.  Last year, it was a cute “might be a tradition” type of meal, maybe we’ll continue it, maybe we won’t sort of thing.  We at least figured if not corn dogs, we’d be moving up on the scale.

Well…  tonight, we’re having leftovers.

I know.  Divorce papers would be in the process of drafting right now if it wasn’t for the fact that the leftovers are from the lunch we went out for today.  Rhiannon is off from school for her summer break, so I took a little break from work today and we went out for a nice meal together during the day.  Nobody needs as much food as a restaurant will serve you all at once (especially when you get tiramisu for dessert like we did), so we have a little extra saved for tonight as well.

That, and the fact we are heading down to Colorado Springs tonight to pick up Mike and Sarah as they finish up their band trip.  They will be staying with us for the next week and then we are all going out to the east coast for vacation.  I’m excited about the vacation, but seriously – picking them up on our anniversary?  I guess they really know how to ruin “the mood”.

Happy anniversary, Rhiannon.