not putting a rocking chair on the porch just yet

It’s almost June and we’ve been having great evenings recently – it is cool without being cold and the wind dies down – so we do what a lot of other people seem to be doing; we get outside. Being that it’s almost June, those other people include an increasingly high number of high school age people, the kind of people I was one of what I like to think was not too long ago.  I recall not getting a hair cut for 6 months and thinking that anything above a t-shirt was pushing a little too dressy.  That’s what I liked and I didn’t care what many people really thought.

So I’d like to say that I respect the individual rights of young people to choose how they want to look and act.  I’d like to say that I relate more closely to them than to Corporate America.  I’d like to say that, but I’d be lying.

I don’t get the appeal of skateboarding where it bothers people, wearing pants that look a little too small, and letting your hair permanently hang in your face.  (For the record, my hair is curly enough it doesn’t ever get in my eyes.)  I understand that it’s the current style among some people, and they seem to work very hard at projecting the proper image of coolness and rebellion.

Last night, Rhiannon and I were out enjoying the wonderful evening on our bikes.  It was a little later, the sun was going down, and we approached a park that the path runs through.  Since it was later, there were no families or small children around – just two high schoolers with skateboards, fitting the profile I described above.  One of them obviously saw us coming from a long ways off and made no effort to move anywhere else in the park other than right in the middle of the path we were on.

Rhiannon buzzed within a foot or so of him without touching her brakes, and I had been planning on doing the same thing, so I did as well.  I think it’s our passive-aggressive way of saying “Regardless of who we are riding the bikes, the polite thing to do is to move anywhere in the hundred feet that you aren’t directly in our way.”  I doubt the message got across through our own rude delivery.  C’est la vie.

And as we rode past him, this kid who probably spent far too much time making sure each of his 3 t-shirts and 4 necklaces looked exactly right so it doesn’t seem he actually cares what he looks like almost fell over and exclaimed, “Geez louise, guys!”

Seriously?  You’re cool and rebellious and the best you can come up with is Geez Louise?  Maybe we’re not so different after all.