they have skills

Volleyball Stop Motion.

I'll make a deal with you. If you will choose to overlook the fact that this video is made from pictures from July, 2007, making it almost 10 months old and the fact I just finally got around to finishing it, I will choose not to tell you about the technical details of stop motion and resist my urges to make a video showing a spoon and fork slide across a table.

At least I will resist the urge to put it on the internet. I understand that is the kind of thing that no one really wants to see, even if I think the making of such a video would be incredibly exciting.

It's kind of like how if I had a 30 second video clip of 4 people playing volleyball in a backyard, I would think it was boring and not worth the time, but if I had a whole bunch of pictures of people playing volleyball in the backyard and I could somehow make those pictures into a 30 second video clip, that would be about the awesomest thing I have done since I managed not to completely scrape up my face when falling off a bike three days before our wedding.

Which was pretty awesome, so that's saying something.

Somedays I really wonder why Rhiannon is still with me. I hope you enjoyed it...