hot or cool man, jazz is jazz

Once upon a time, I like to think I was a good high school level musician. I admit, I had a little natural talent and I did ok for what I had. I never had the dedication or drive to practice hours at a time for days on end. Mike is a different story. When Rhiannon's family came down to visit us last summer, he brought his sax with him and spent some time alone in the house practicing while the girls went shopping. This summer he's hoping to tour a few music schools on the east coast. In February, he had the chance to go to a jazz weekend in Lincoln, NE at the University of Nebraska. I don't think being selected as one of two tenors in a group that comes from several states can ever be a bad thing.

This is the final song of the final day of the weekend. (As a brass player, I feel for the trumpets and trombones by this point.) Great concert and great music. The drummer in this video was intense. The night before, they played in small combos - from the look on his face during those sessions I thought either there was a bad smell in the room or that he was channeling a little Hannibal Lecter and thinking of eating someone's brains. Disturbing, sure, but if I could play drums like that, I might make some crazy faces too. Really, if I could play anything like any of these people, I'd be pretty excited.

Mike's solo is around 4:40 into the video, in case that's all you're interested in...

Mike's UNL Jazz Concert Performance