Weather Report

It rained last night. I was sitting in the house, not having watched any sort of news or weather forecast for at least four days. (Have I ever mentioned that "Danger" is my middle name? Yeah, I live on the edge.)

The washing machine was going and I heard some sort of water spraying somewhere, somewhat rain like in sound. I was worried maybe a hose had come loose or something was wrong, so I went and checked the laundry room. Everything was fine.

But it sounded like rain blowing against a window. What makes that type of sound? I looked at the sump pump - dry. Dishwasher or shower - not running. Sometimes when it is really warm outside, snow on the roof melts fast enough that we can hear it running in the downspouts, but there wasn't any snow on the roof and it was nighttime anyway.

I finally looked outside to discover that the sound that sounded a lot like the sound that rain makes - it was rain. Real rain. Not monsoon levels or anything, but enough to be all "Hey, let's stand on the porch and watch the water run down the street because I have a very exciting life."

Rain. Weird. Because, it's February, and while I'm ready for the cold to be over, I didn't really expect rain until at least June. Water falling from the sky.

This morning, it smelled really good outside. I'm so ready to be done with winter.