Warning: Spandex May Cause Blurry Vision

Last night, Rhiannon and I played in a coed league volleyball game. We haven't been as good as we would like as a team, and the season is starting to get a little frustrating for the both of us. Last night, however, we managed to win two out of three games against a team that had a winning record. We managed to win two out of three despite that fact that almost every questionable call seemed to go against us. I will say, in the ref's defense, that there is only one person calling the entire floor from the platform. There are no down ref or line judges, and sometimes the ball can be screened or far away when the call needs to be made.

I will say, not in the refs defense, that the other team looked like younger college kids and the three girls all had the tiny spandex volleyball shorts on. Coincidence, or does the fact that young girls in spandex look cuter when they're happy have anything to do with the bias in calls?

Maybe I just need to talk to the girls on our team about making the sacrifice for the good of our record.