Say No To Clutter (Pay No Attention to the Top of the Tables)

Recently I showed you what our new computer area looks like. It was all sleek and shiny looking. Except for the cords. And seriously, the cords. Something had to be done. It is a mess.

We ordered the tables in the loft from IKEA. It was a whole line of tables and options and different legs and tabletops and really confusing accessories. We just took a catalogue, ripped it into confetti, threw the pieces against a piece of gum stuck on a wall and picked the one item that stuck. (This turns out to be how we make most major decisions in our house. We?ve had great luck so far.)

We ended up with the glass tables and, using my superheroish foresight (and I home organizing webpage I like), I decided to get trays to hold cords under a table. They all came from the same line of products at the store. Surely everything works with everything, right?

No. (Stupid method of throwing stuff at gum?) Assembly instructions from IKEA are written in every language they sell products to, which is impressive until you realize that it just means there are no words, just pictures. I?m not sure, but I feel pretty confident the first picture shows the trays being screwed into the table top.

Glass tabletop. Screws. Glass tabletop. Screws. Glas?

Behold the Ingenuity.

Metal table frame. Heavy duty double sided mounting table. Velcro straps.

Cords?  What cords?

It?s better, right?

Who worries about heat build up from electricity these days?

As long as you don?t actually look down there.

I had great intentions of unplugging everything and laying it all neatly in the tray, organized, simple, elegant. Late at night is not a time to think about these things. As long as we never have to move those tables again, I?ll be fine.

This home organizing project is Darth Tater Approved™.

I approved this project. Please don't mash me.