Oh How The Days Go By

Two years ago, this afternoon, we were married. We spent one more day around town, and then drove to Colorado. At the time, both of us were fresh out of school with no working experience. Rhiannon had work lined up for the summer at the same day camp she had spent the last three summers at and not a clue where she would wind up after that.

Rhiannon moved into the apartment I had been in during my last year of college. We had neighbors downstairs that smoked too much and neighbors through the wall that played their music too much and partied late at night. We had raccoons claimed the apartment dumpsters as their late night hang out and community pool that turned green a few times and had to be emptied.

Rhiannon found a full-time teaching job a day after school started. It was a one year contract and there wasn’t a position at the same school again, the following spring, she was once again gainfully unemployed.

We’ve played in a community band, a community pop orchestra, and a pit orchestra for an amateur production of The Sound of Music. We’ve outfitted Rhiannon’s car to play an iPod through the stereo and probably harmed both of our hearing by turning up the volume a little too loud.

We’ve become a little too dependent on our TV to watch our shows. I’ve never had “shows” that I watch before. Neither has Rhiannon. We’re up to four.

Last spring, we went house shopping and bought our first home. At the closing, everyone was really happy and told us how exciting it was to see a young couple with good jobs and decent credit buying their first home together. At the time, Rhiannon didn’t have a job and we didn’t know how long we would be able to pay for the wonderful new home we just purchased.

But things work out. Rhiannon found a job that has since turned into a full time position in a school she likes. I am still working on the same job that I started on out of college. We have a wonderful house that we have too many plans for one day and a desire to sell and get something with more land the next. We’ve done some traveling and we’ve wasted too much time on the weekends doing nothing. A person needs to do that sometimes too.

We’ve played sand volleyball and softball. We’ve started biking and made a point to get outside a little more this year.

We’ve spent time curled up together on a couch watching movies. We’ve talked about good books we’ve read. I’ve learned that sometimes it really is better to keep my mouth shut.

Sometimes we think that it feels like were just married a few months ago. More often, if feels like we’ve been married for ten years. And we can say that it isn’t a bad feeling.

I know two years isn’t a really long time to be married. I know that most of the things I’ve listed above seem pretty general and maybe not that incredible. I know I don’t tell her enough how much I really enjoy spending time with her.

I do know that there isn’t anyone else I’d rather share a website name with. (And a life, for that matter.)

I love you, honey. Here’s hoping we have many more years together.