How To Clean Good, And Have It Stay That Way

Rhiannon and I have finally figured out how to avoid having a messy house in just 7 simple steps. 1: Look around in messy house. 2: Feel depressed about state of messiness that is clinging to you like a needy two-year old. 3: Eat some ice cream cake. 4: Think that you may be becoming lactose intolerant because ice cream cake makes you feel bad every time you it. 5: Have some more ice cream cake. It’s SOOO good. 6: Clean your house. 7: Don’t live at home. Find other stuff to do, like work, or classes, or orchestra rehearsal. Use your home as more of a shelter that you sleep at every night but don’t really reside in.

If you can manage to spend just one or two waking hours in your home per day, it is actually hard to make the place too messy very fast. This of course assumes you can follow the simple step six, which only took us about nine months to figure out.