At It Again, This Time With Pictures

This is me not talking to internet… …Silence…

This is me giving the internet a hug and making nice. Isn’t that better?

Rhiannon likes to decorate. I like to live in a house that looks nice. I’d prefer not to spend a lot of money on things to decorate. Paint is cheap and makes a big difference and looks nice. Rhiannon considers painting a part of decorating.

It’s really a win-win situation.

So, last weekend we:

1) Picked out paint.

This involved us selecting paint samples of one brand and then requesting those colors in another brand of paint that was cheaper. The paint mixer guy warned us that he would be able to get a much more accurate match if we used the name brand more expensive paint. We declined. He insisted.

I asked him if the entire color spectrum from red to blue was about the length of a nearby yardstick, would the difference in paint colors be more than a sixteenth of an inch, because if they weren’t, we wanted the cheap paint.

Ok, I didn’t ask that, but it would have been cool. We just insisted harder, even against his better judgment.

2) Started moving furniture out of the living room.

This reminded me why we hired people to move our furniture when we moved into the house. We moved a couch fifteen feet. They moved a couch down three flights of stairs. Worth every penny.

3) I took a picture of the shelves.


We like how the shelves looked. We wanted the same way. The chance of this happening without us arguing about how sure we were that this is the way they were: 3.5%. Digital cameras are great.

4) We taped the walls.


Something about blue tape is really cool.

5) We painted.


It took me two minutes to take my shoes off.

It took me three minutes step in the paint tray. I am lucky.


This is what your foot looks like after paint soaks through your sock.

6) We finished painting.

We put the shelves back up. Thanks to the picture, it went well. Rhiannon wanted to see how the silver vase from the mantle looked against the wall. It didn’t go well.

The mirror that was behind the silver frame fell on her back, hit the floor, and broke. She is no so lucky. She is seven years not so lucky, if you believe in that sort of thing. We got a new mirror and put it up on Wednesday. I don’t think the luck gods had time to notice the accident.


See? Not noticeable at all.