On The Instant Gratification Scale, Ice Cream Beats Rice Every Time

We had this really cool plan yesterday to have some sort of Chinese Orange Chicken dish with rice and veggies and be really healthy for supper. It was going to be totally cool. And then, we, like, didn’t have any rice at all. Well, not at all, but not enough to make enough rice to go with our meal, which is kind of detrimental to the meal when the rice is about half of it.

So, we had some other things to look at, like a basket to put junk in so the junk can stop lying around on the floor and making the place look messy. I think organized junk is a whole lot better than messy junk. We would get rid of the junk, but then we wouldn’t have anything to move around when we want to feel like we’re doing something productive but don’t want to do anything that would actually involve, like… real work.*

So the junk stays.

We also wanted to look at some vases, flowers, mirrors, bowls, curtains, curtain hooks and maybe even a picture frame or two to compliment the (spoiler alert) newly painted walls in our living room. And then we were going to stop at a bookstore so Rhiannon could use some gift cards and get children type material and I could look at random stuff that we really don’t need but would look good on a bookshelf (see above paragraph about the necessity of junk.)

And it was only about 30 minutes until suppertime, but stores close early on Sundays, so we better get out there and get to it. Why don’t we just pick up some rice on the way home? How long could any of this possibly take, anyway?

We bought the rice. And we had Blizzards from Dairy Queen on the way home around 7:30 just before we made a box of macaroni and cheese for supper.

Sometimes, failing to plan ahead makes for some really fine eating. Tonight, I have "plans" to overhaul a car engine. I’m feeling something deep fried coming up soon.

* - I have been reading a book about high school students in California. The book seeks to be somewhat factual, and I am led to believe that there are people who really talk like a Valley Girl full time. It’s rubbing off on me. I’m almost done and will return to my dull and boring tone shortly. Thank you for your patience.