Happiness Is When The Right Team Wins

Maybe you heard that yesterday was the Super Bowl. It’s sort of a big deal to some people, and even those who don’t follow football usually know when it is going on. I had a passing interest in the game yesterday. I was cheering for the Colts. I like Peyton Manning and was glad to see him win the big game, but more than that, I have a hatred of the Bears for some reason. Some sportswriters have complained that the game was sloppy and not played very well. The fact that the Bears helped give away the game made it all that much sweeter for me.

Rhiannon also had an interest in the outcome of the game. We were cheering for the same team. She has a slight crush on Manning. If he was available and looking, I don’t know that I would have much of a hope of keeping her. Of course, if he was available and looking, she’d have to beat me to him. I think he’s ok too.

If the Colts had lost the game, Rhiannon probably would have stayed at home today. It turns out that sixth grade boys in our area have some strange love for the Bears. I can’t explain it. Rhiannon has been talking up the Colts for the past two weeks to the point that her students were bringing in Bears towels and hanging them in the room.

When the Bears returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown, Rhiannon got an email from one of her students with a little taunting. Sixth graders, however, lack an appreciation for the length of a game and the ability to come back in the rain. Their small minds jump to conclusions rapidly and they open their mouths (or fingers) before the outcome has been decided.

Rhiannon was looking forward to going to school today.