If You Don't Like Weather, Move. It Doesn't Show Signs Of Stopping.

Last summer, transformers at the Museum of Nature and Science in Denver where blowing fuses because they couldn’t handle the heat and air conditioning loads. We have had snow cover on the ground for 43 consecutive days. In a few days, it will be the third longest snow cover in Denver history.

It is snowing today.

It supposed to snow tomorrow.

And the next day.

The end is not in sight.

I grew up in North Dakota. Rhiannon went to school by Fargo, where the weather gets very cold for a very long time. We think the current weather trends are a little ridiculous.

I don’t know enough about the data supporting or refuting global warming to intelligently argue for or against it. I will say that there is something weird going on with the weather right now. I don’t know if it short term, on the order of a year or two, or a long-term trend that will continue for decades.

When it was in the mid 60’s on Thanksgiving and we were outside in shorts and T-shirts, we commented that it didn’t really seem like winter. We may have had a bit of unhappiness in our voices.

To whoever is in charge, we’re sorry. That weather was fine. I like mid 60’s. I like 40’s. I like 80’s. I can do without the triple digits and the subfreezing for extended periods of time.

Does this make me riff-raff?