How Bad Could It Really Be, Part 2

Brett and I acting like normal humans and talking about normal things? Not the easiest for us after 10 hours in a car together. We were knee deep in nerd speak by the time we arrived. We sat at a table by the younger crowd in the wedding party with two seats still open across from us. A couple with a small child sat across from us and we both figured that we would try to steer toward the younger crowd.

After some brief introductions, we found ourselves across the table from Chris (I began to like him immediately, for some reason), Mariah, and their 15 month old boy, Luke. Chris was a CPA – someone later commented that it seemed destined for the nerds to be together. Mariah was an elementary music teacher who played French horn. Luke, when he wasn’t throwing his sippy cup on the floor or trying to swallow pieces of food larger than his hands, was well behaved.

Chris the CPA made the comment that they have to watch Luke eat carefully, because every few weeks he almost chokes and dies. They were kidding. I saw over half of a steak fry go into his mouth when he grabbed it off his mom’s plate. By the end of the meal, he had a safe zone – no food, silverware, or cups within his arms reach anywhere on the table.

This wedding was slightly different to anything I’ve ever been at. I was in charge of the music (I got the job of the pushing the play and stop buttons on the PA CD player at the correct time). For a few meals and a steak dinner, this wasn’t any big hardship.

When we were married, our pastor led the rehearsal and went through what he would say and what would happen. In this one, the bride-to-be took charge of proceedings (we already know who will control that relationship). The pastor told me that he would “say whatever I’m gonna say tomorrow as the spirit moves me,” and I should wait until he finishes to start the next song. Except sometimes he pauses and waits for inspiration, so don’t start the music too soon. But if it seems like a really long pause, maybe that would signify he’s done. I suggested that he just give me a small nod when he finished. That worked out nicely.

After the rehearsal, we assumed that we would head back to our hotel. After all, we had put in 10 hours on the road and didn’t really know anyone in Tulsa. Chris and Mariah invited us over to their house. We accepted. We had wine. We had homemade salsa. We had homemade chocolate chip cookies. We had Brett’s significant other, Juli, calling us from Washington, D.C. where she was out celebrating her birthday, checking to make sure that we had checked into our hotel or at least called to confirm we were still coming.

Brett is well cared for.

We left a little after midnight with directions and about 10 miles of unfamiliar roads back to our hotel that we hadn’t been to yet. No problem, right?

Part 3 tomorrow.