It's Almost Chilly Down Here

It’s a little cold in Denver today. Low single digits. I’d call it brisk. The complete lack of wind makes it a quite tolerable day. This morning, on the elevator, a man got on wearing a fluffy winter parka. He also had a scarf wrapped several times around his neck and up over his face, a beanie with the little ball on top, thick insulated mittens and snow boots on.

I thought he looked a little bit like a discolored snowman.

As he unwrapped the scarf from his face, he commented that “It should be illegal to have to go outside on a day like this!”

I grew up in North Dakota, and even though I haven’t lived there in a few years, I still remember what cold really is. People here have no idea. Last night on the local news, they had stories on how to cope with the bitter cold. Really – it’s above zero.

Come back and see me when the daily highs are negative for about a week. Then we’ll start to talk bitter cold.

If your car has an engine block heater, is plugged in, and still doesn’t start, then it’s cold. People here don’t know what engine block heaters are. They think it’s a built in battery charger. Because I have to charge my car all the time...