A Reason To Go Home At Night

Rhiannon isn’t actively working right now. Instead she is enjoying the last full week of what will be a five-week winter vacation for her. I must admit – I am a little jealous. I realize that this vacation time is time she doesn’t have over summer. Teaching in the year-round schools doesn’t give the full 3-month summer break I normally associate with the profession. She’ll be teaching all through summer with a similar break somewhere in there.

I still doesn’t make getting up by myself in the morning much easier, especially when we stay up a little later than we would if we were both working. (I will admit that last night, it was me who wanted to watch one more episode of Grey’s Anatomy and Rhiannon who said it would be fine if we went to bed.)

Normally, I get home from work a little before she does. I get a little time to unwind from work. For the past couple weeks, I haven’t had that time. Rhiannon has been home and waiting for me to arrive. She hasn’t talked to many people during the day. She wants some company, and I almost feel resentful, like she is taking up my time. She gets to sleep in. She gets to be lazy and watch TV if she wants. Let me have my time. My personal time.

But then I realize I haven’t had to worry about what we are eating each night. I haven’t had to clean all the dishes because she is doing schoolwork and doesn’t have time. She isn’t doing schoolwork at night. Neither of us has homework. We just get to spend time together. We talk. We help each other clean up after supper. We watch Grey’s Anatomy. Last week we went to the rec center and played basketball.

There isn’t an underlying sense of urgency in everything. There is no feeling that the time we spend together could be better spent doing something else, something we are going to be regretting putting off later.

In short, this is the probably the longest time since a winter break in college that we haven’t had things to worry about. We’ve laughed more together in the past few weeks than we have in a long time. It’s weeks like these past few that make me remember how great it is to have my best friend as my wife. It's nights like these that make me want to get home as fast as possible.

So I’m a little sappy today. I’m nearing 25 years old. Pretty much over the hill in my book. I think the retirement party is next month sometime.