Slow Change Is Better Than No Change

There are going to be a few changes coming to this site soon. The pages have looked the same for too long now, and, frankly, I’m a little tired of staring at it while attempting to think of how I could make fun of Rhiannon on any particular day. To kick start this new action, perhaps you have tried to look at the photos link sometime in the past 9 months and realized that I haven’t done anything with it. Well, I finally did.

It isn’t a gallery with groups of photos organized very well. Rather, it is more of a collection of daily photos. Well, as of right now, it is a collection of one daily photo. Hopefully I can stay with it for at least a week. I hear that’s about how long most New Year’s resolutions last anyway.

I may not post on the main site every single day (and I don’t already, so that’s nothing new), but I will do my best to have a different photo up every single morning.

Check it out.