We Don't Decorate Badly, But We Will

In case you missed it, it’s Christmas season again. Rhiannon and I were ready – because of the whole first house/first ever Christmas tree and it turns out we don’t know how many ornaments should go on a tree and the ornaments are on sale right now so we should the tree up and decorate it right away… we’ve had our tree up for a solid month already. We also have some lights on a stair rail and some garland and stockings by the fireplace. (The fireplace that we once used to heat up the living room while we watched movies so we didn’t have to heat the whole house, but now we no longer use because the fake garland that was free with a gift card from buying the tree will melt if the fireplace is on, so we heat the whole house now and look at how pretty the fake garland is.)

We decided against putting lights on the outside of the house. We are traveling over Christmas, and we wanted to wait and see what the other people on our street do.

Conclusion: Our street is lame.

Aside from a few people at the end of the street, most of the houses are dark (including ours.) There is one house with an aluminum looking Nativity scene in the front yard. I think if the sun was out and you stood in front of it long enough, you could probably get a decent sunburn going on.

The other disturbing trend that Rhiannon and I have noticed is that people with children tend to fall in love with the big inflatable Christmas decoration. They plug in and have a fan inside that inflates them. They wobble a little in the wind. And in the daytime, when the lights are off, they deflate and it looks a little like a huge caterpillar went through metamorphosis right there on your front lawn.

Other streets have some nice light displays. We have darkness punctuated by silly inflatable characters. I think next year I might just try to put our entire house inside of a giant snow globe.

The only problem is how to shake it up.