I Must Have Done Something Right

To all those who may have known Rhiannon as she used to be, I apologize. I realize that I have may have tried my hardest to unintentionally created a new version of my wife, the likes of which will most likely cause our household to never be quite the same again. Last night, we were watching the Broncos game on TV as we were getting ready to go to bed. The Broncos also started a rookie quarterback and were down by 7 points in the fourth quarter. Their chances to win didn’t look very good – until the rookie quarterback threw a pass to a rookie wide receiver, who proceeded to break 3 tackles and run 60 yards down the field for a touchdown.

I grant it was an exciting play. I’m sure many people in the Denver area or any Broncos fans in general watching on TV may have cheered. Some may have jumped up from their seats and clapped. Rhiannon has never been one of these fans. Rhiannon has never been a huge football fan before this year. Last night, all that changed.

As the receiver crossed the goal line, she was jumping in the living room, shouting things like, “Did you see that?” and “That was unbelievable!” We looked at each other, and she asked my why I wasn’t more excited.

I think the simple answer is that I was stunned. And shocked. And amazed. And pleasantly surprised. She was even interested in how the college games turned out and who would play for the national championship.

I’m not exactly sure who this woman is or what she did with my wife, but I do know that I’m going to keep her.