We Could All Use A Little More Sleep

If you’re reading this right now, I will assume you are using a computer. This is good. I like computers. I hope that you like computers too. What do you do with your computer after you leave? Do you shut it off? Do you leave it run all the time (like I do)? I’m not along – many people let their computers on all the time. Many people who run some version of Microsoft Windows have the option of enabling power saving functions but don’t.

If everyone would make the computer sleep when not in use, we would save enough energy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions (that cause global warming) by about the amount that a small country (like Ireland) puts out every year. (See this article for more information.)

Wow. I might think about this in the future.

Also, we considering we have two computers that we leave on all the time, it should free up a little more money to handover to big retailers this holiday season (see yesterday’s topic).