What Happy Thoughts For A Monday

Overheard at work: "If you die on the job in the morning, do you get paid for the rest of the day?"

"Well, I suppose it depends on if anyone can fill out your time sheet. Theoretically, no one should know your password."

"Hmm... Do you think if it turns out that you worked your last hours for free it would earn you any bonus points with the man upstairs?"

"Probably. Although, if He's anything like management here, He'd hold it against you that you didn't have the decency to put in overtime last weekend to get all your tasks done before you kicked off."

"I guess. It would probably be better to put in for time off for the morning and act like you were home sick. Assuming that someone would take your body away before the person who approves your timesheet notices."

"Yeah, that would be the best plan. Not like you can use the time off after that anyway."


These guys are apparently not morning people, especially not on a Monday.