The Less Actual Work, The Better

Last night, we were lounging on the couch and correcting essays. We both really enjoy our couch. It’s conveniently located in front of the television, which conveniently prevents us from really doing anything at all other than sitting on our rear ends and slowly growing roots out of the backs of our legs. When the show we had on ended, Rhiannon discovered the remote control had slid just out of her reach. In an effort to not disturb any of the newly formed roots, she tried to stretch her arms as far as possible without moving her legs.

Under the extreme exertion of stretching, (did I mention we don’t really like doing anything other than sitting?) she started to make small grunting noises. If you’ve ever seen Ice Age and recall Scrat, the squirrel, reaching for the acorn when he was frozen in the ice block – it was pretty much like that.

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And really, this was just an excuse to put that picture up, because look at that face. How can you not love him?