We're Considering Ourselves Warned

Rhiannon and I don’t often have dreams that we remember. Last night, I dreamed that we had a baby that cried all night and kept waking me up – only, I really woke up several times and went back to the same dream each time.

As we were getting ready for work, Rhiannon mentioned that she had dreamed that we had two kids, 10 months apart, still very young.

I think there are a few conclusions that we could draw from this occurrence:

1) We need to keep our dreams to ourselves because, seriously, that was weird and kind of freaked me out.

2) We are going to have kids sometime soon. (Not if we can help it.)

3) Considering neither dream about kids was particularly pleasant, we shouldn’t have kids soon.

4) The oldest child in Rhiannon’s dream was a girl. The baby in my dream was a girl. The only logical thing is that Rhiannon dreams farther out into the future than I do and it was the same child in both of our dreams.

Maybe this says something good about how connected we are.

Maybe I should move into the guest room for a little while.