Yes, We Still Went To Work Today

Maybe you heard; Colorado got some snow today. It isn't the first snowfall of the year. Last week Tuesday, we looked a little like this:

We thought it was a little annoying for October, but nothing too major. Last Friday, we got more snow (which caused the cancellation of the lacrosse game where I was going to hit people with sticks - I'm a little dissapointed and trying not to talk about it).

Well, the snow today was a little more than we had before:

We bought a shovel last night. I thought at the time that since we were actually going to the trouble of buying one ahead of the forecasted snow, the snow probably wouldn't happen.

I was wrong.

The shoveling wouldn't have been too bad except for the massive amounts of water contained in the snow. The bottom three inches or so was pure slush. Imagine that someone made some shaved iced at a carnival, and that the machine went crazy and spread a layer of shaved ice about three inches thick everywhere. And then it rained. And then it snowed 7 inches on top of that. And then you had to shovel it.

And drive through it.

Sheena called Rhiannon this morning thinking she would be having a snow day and home in bed. She was driving to school. I was driving to work. We made it just fine.

Good thing we grew up in snowy conditions.