Save The Last Dance... For What?

Rhiannon’s friend from college, Sheena, is visiting this weekend. We like to show our guests a good time when possible, maybe do something that they can’t normally do where they are from. Maybe we’ll catch a Rockies game, go see the mountains, show them how to mow the lawn with a reel mower. You know, cool things like that. Tonight, we’re going to the ballet.

I didn’t even know Denver had a ballet (not that I ever really looked). I consider myself relatively cultured. I like plays, musicals, and orchestral and jazz music. I read non-fiction books on the state of America and world and enjoy them. I’ve seen the Nutcracker ballet before. Sheena was in the only ballet I’ve ever attended, so at least there seems to be a good reason why we’re going.

I’m not anti-ballet as much as I am disinterested in it. Much like the average person might not enjoy watching a lacrosse game because they don’t know much about the sport, I don’t know enough about ballet to really know if what I’m seeing is good or not. Maybe I’ll learn something tonight.

However, if the dancers wore helmets and hit each other with sticks like lacrosse, I don’t think it would matter how much I did or didn’t know about it. I’ll take anything with condoned physical violence.