I'm Just A Big Softy At Heart

On Sunday night I picked Rhiannon up from the airport. She had been gone for the better part of nine days (since the previous Saturday morning), and this was the longest period of time that we had been apart since we finished college and got married a little over a year ago. While she was gone, I discovered a few interesting things. I had two weekends at home alone. It was like college all over again, only without homework to feel bad about not doing (or just not caring about in general). I watched some football on TV. I watched some cartoons and movies. I read all kinds of different sites on the internet about world news and geeky things like reviews of new auto-focusing camera lenses (that are made for a camera I don’t own). I just thought the physics of light and how a camera lens focuses at different light levels was interesting. I ate the same things for supper for three consecutive nights. I did whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I talked with Rhiannon on the phone at night for a little bit. I had the whole bed to myself. I should have been wonderful.

I also managed to get a little lonely.

I didn’t have any problems hearing noises or getting nervous about being alone. I wasn’t calling my friends and asking to hang out just so I could see someone. It wasn’t a lack of seeing people on a day-to-day basis. I saw other people every day, be it at work or out shopping or working out.

I really missed Rhiannon.

We spent the majority of five years of college apart, going for a few months at a time without seeing each other as recently as a year and a half ago. By the time I picked her up on Sunday night, I was really excited to see her again. I haven’t had that feeling since that last spring break when I went to visit.

It’s good to know that we still care about each other enough that we’d rather be together than apart.

Although I could use a little more time to read nerdy things on the internet once in a while.

And I said I didn’t hear any noises at night – it was a little hard to hear much of anything over the racket the cheerleaders throwing the kegger in the backyard were making. Really, a guy invites a few people over one night when the wife is out of town and it turns into a week-long party.