Public Service Announcement

You may have heard a nasty rumor recently. A rumor like the ones that went around in high school, that Sally never really liked Tommy, she was just using him to get to know his best friend Billy, the quarterback of the football team, and Sally is just a shameless hussy who would probably let some guy KISS her on the first date, oh the shame and indignation of it all! You may have heard the Chris and the website he writes on have split up. Parties for both Chris and the website vehemently deny this horrid accusation and whish to set the record straight.

From a press release earlier today:

“Chris would like to take this opportunity to dispel the public misunderstanding of the status of the current relationship between him and his website.

Chris admits that they haven’t spent much time together recently. He has been linked to having an affair with his job. He would like to reiterate, as has been publicly stated before, that he and his job have a strictly professional relationship. The details of this relationship have recently been blown wildly out of proportion – he has spent some considerable amounts of time with his job as of late, putting in some long days there. As was reported, they did spend some time over a few weekends together.

However, at no time during this supposed affair has there ever been talk between Chris and his website about splitting up permanently. If anything the recent separation has made their relationship stronger. They plan to continue to be closely linked to each other for the foreseeable future. They regret any hurt or anxiety this brief separation may have caused their throngs of adoring fans.

In the future, they will try to supply warning to the public when a situation like the recent one arises.

No questions. No questions at this time.

Thank you.”

Well, there you have it. Hopefully we can all sleep a little better tonight knowing things are back to normal.