Are You Ready For Some Football

Perhaps some of you who live in a deep dark cave with no electricity and a pet musk ox named Clarence (but you only call him Clarence when he’s been bad, other than that it’s Clancy) missed the fact this past weekend (or period of five days, which is really closer to a week) was the opening weekend of NFL football. I happen to be a bit of a fan (which is like saying that Mount Everest happens to be a decent sized hill (which is like saying that I’m a really big fan of the NFL)) so I watched some of the games (all of the games) that were on when I was in the room (the couch is permanently indented from me sitting there for 5 days).

Without too many apologies to baseball, football is America’s pastime (and by football, I mean American football, not soccer). I follow baseball. I know how teams are doing. I don’t have 3 hours everyday to sit and watch a baseball game. I also will not go to 81 home games in a season. (Apparently I do have time to spend almost 11 hours on a Sunday watching 3 full football games, and then highlights of the other games I didn’t watch.)

I think football season is a time of year that many wives (with no offense meant to women who like to watch football or men who don’t) both look forward to and dread at the same time – the men in the house are too preoccupied with watching football that they really don’t care what anyone else is doing, like shopping, and the men in the house are too preoccupied with watching football that they really don’t care what anyone else in the house wants them to do like yard work, or cleaning, or changing clothes.

I’ve found that there are in fact lots of things that can be done on a weekend with football on.

-Sorting clothes, in the living room -Folding clothes, in the living room -Putting clothes in the washing machine or the dryer, during commercial breaks -Picking lint off the carpet, in the living room. -Eating meals, on the couch. -Dusting the end tables in the living room.

Rhiannon claims that she is starting to like watching sports with me. We only have one TV in our house, so it works out well if we are both watching TV and can agree on something to watch together. She watches tennis, some baseball, beach volleyball, football and even golf.

She appreciates competitive games, which I agree with. She likes to watch Tiger Woods play golf, which I also enjoy. She agrees that tennis could do without all the grunting. She is a decent athlete herself, so she can appreciate the effort that goes into playing sports at the professional level.

Everything seems to be wonderful. I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop to hear what all this will earn her. (Trip to Europe, landscaping in the yard, diamond necklace, finally having me agree that maybe Clancy the Musk Ox could find somewhere other than our bed to sleep at night…)