I Think I'm Alone Now

Tonight is my second (and final) night of bachelorhood by myself in the house. Rhiannon is gone for two nights for a school activity. I’ve spent many nights by myself in the apartments I lived in during college (both of my roommates were frequently elsewhere). I spent four days alone in a dorm over spring break during a snowstorm. I can handle being by myself for a little while without too many problems.

So a little unexpectedly, I found myself hearing “noises” last night as I was getting ready for bed. We generally open a few windows at night to let some cool air in. When there is a little wind outside, the blinds tend to move around. Somewhere in the process of hearing, I converted blinds rustling to doors opening.

Never before have I ever felt the need to double check to make sure doors were locked, but there I was, walking around late at night, checking locks and windows. I felt like a little kid being scared of being home alone.

I think avoiding a repeat of this performance would be in best interest. I spent some time today thinking of how to not feel so alone in the house, and I think I came up with a good solution.

The kegs are due to be delivered any minute and the cheerleaders and strippers should show up shortly after supper. What’s the point of being a bachelor for a day if you can’t throw one heckuva party?

(Don’t worry honey, I’ll make sure everyone cleans up after themselves.)

(Does beer stain light carpeting? Maybe I should get some rugs as well…)