If You Don’t Have Anything Good To Say… Find Something To Complain About

It’s early August, and with early August come the supposed dog days of summer, whatever that means. (I could tell you that the dog days of summer refer to the period of time around which Sirius, the dog star and the brightest star of the Canis Major (big dog) constellation, rises and falls with the sun. The dog days are 20 days before this lasting until 20 days after. This varies from place to place and over time, but it currently is accepted to be July 3rd to August 11th. I could tell you this, but I won’t. Because that would make me a nerd. Which unfortunately I am. Back to your regularly scheduled topic.) I like to think of it as a little bit of a lazy time of the year. I’ve been a student the majority of my life and being about 14 months into the full-time employment phase of my evolution, I’m starting to realize that those summer breaks and the return to school time weren’t such a bad thing. One thing I might have subconsciously looked forward to about being married to a teacher was getting to experience summer break every year vicariously through her. I’d get to grumble about how people who have the summer off are lazy. I wouldn’t have to cook supper as often and we’d go do stuff outside and not have any chores because Rhiannon could keep the house a little cleaner during the day along with whatever else she wanted to do. These are the terms of getting to sleep in and go along with being a teacher.

I think Rhiannon teaching in a year-round school is affecting me more than her. She gets up about the same time I do and leaves the house shortly after me. I often beat her home at night and I’m still doing cooking and cleaning and occasionally helping with a little schoolwork now and then (or at least offering my opinion). (Or at least saying whatever it is she thinks is fantastic to avoid having to have an actual opinion.)

It’s early August. I’m okay with working year round. (Ask me again in 40 years.) The paychecks are nice and slightly required with the purchase of our house. I have had many years of knowing I would be working during the summer to mentally prepare for it. I had around 2 months to come to terms with Rhiannon teaching during the summer. I’m getting a little older and I don’t deal with change all that well.

I looked back at my recent writings and realized that they have been a little few and far between. I always expected that over summer, I could complain about how life isn’t fair that I have to work and Rhiannon doesn’t. And then I could wax poetic on how I should be used to it since my mom was a teacher and I chose the field I work in, etc. And now since that planned source of downtime has been taken away, it has taken me a little while to adjust. Maybe you noticed.

Luckily, I have figured out how to complain about the source of my complaints being taken away. I’m back.