Introducing Bob

Rhiannon and I have what our friends refer to as “Yuppie-syndrome”. (If you really think about it, YUPpie is Young Urban Professional, and we live in the suburbs, but I guess somehow “Ysuppie” just doesn’t sound as good.) This means we do stuff like throw dinner parties, talk about (and be somewhat serious) about the possibility of having kids, and mow our lawn using no gas. Considering most of our neighbors have gas lawn mowers, this does make us a little different. We don’t even have a lawn mower that has to be plugged in. Instead, we went with the old style reel mower. Many people have asked what this is like and how it works.


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Actual mowing time: 8 minutes.

I mow twice per week.

Correction: I try to mow twice per week.

The mower doesn’t always like long grass as well as shorter, so more often is better. The mower also does not like wood chips, hoses, feet and small woodland creatures. The mower has just informed me that he wishes to be called Bob. The mower commands me to obey.

Bob does like short grass, chopping the heads of small, unsuspecting mushrooms and dandelions, long walks on the beach, classic Greek poetry, watching the sunset, and having his cutting blades rubbed down with a little WD40 after a hard night of mowing. Bob especially likes it when you rub a little hard. And use more oil.

If you would like to meet Bob, you’re going to have to visit us, as Bob doesn’t really get out much past the front yard. He does throw a mean BBQ if you give him a little advanced warning. Just don’t mention the grass clippings that might be in your food. He’s a little sensitive.