But It Was Supposed To Be A Dry Heat

Somewhere between us going to and fro between Colorado and North Dakota, the weather got gosh-darned topsy-turvy. Through the end of June, our home base of operations was reading a not-so-monsoon-like 3 inches of precipitation on the year. That includes snow, sleet, rain, dew, fog, and the occasional hailstone hear and there. It was also hot – this past June was the hottest ever on record. And the humidity hovered right around 4% - just enough moisture so you couldn’t quite leave grapes out overnight and wake up to raisins, buy yet little enough that I thought the water from the sprinklers might evaporate before it hit the ground. In this type of heat and dry conditions, people have to adapt. I forgot what a heavy sweat felt like. I knew I would perspire, but the drops were gone before any substantial amount accumulated. I also forgot what it was like to really have to work to dry off after a shower – it was more of a turn the shower off and stand near your towel and you’d be dry pretty soon. One nice thing was the lack of effort involved in drying off a car after washing it.

North Dakota has been dry this summer, but being by some large bodies of water and just being generally damper overall, I may have well been living in Atlanta for a week. The sweat thing I mentioned earlier – I went running in the morning when it was still cool – sweat made it all the way from my forehead and down into my eyes. I dried off after a shower and tried to put socks on, only to realize that I was still damp. We went a whole week without a humidifier and didn’t break out in any spontaneous nosebleeds.

Did I mention the sweat?

We came back to Colorado last weekend to see wet roads and wet lawns. The first full day back it rained all day. Two days later, the grass is still squishy. The area around our house got 5 inches of rain the week we were gone.

The sweat accumulated while I mowed the lawn yesterday. We’ve been running the humidifier for 4 nights without having to put more water in it. The bathroom mirror steams up during a shower and I won’t even start about drying off completely afterwards.

We needed the rain. I won’t deny that. But would whoever took my versions of Colorado kindly give it back before I swell and get all pruney from the excess moisture in the air?