Back To Reality

While Rhiannon and I have both taken a few days or partial days off recently with job hunting and the house-buying process, neither one of us has taken a real vacation day since December when we were traveling for the Christmas holiday season. We both took this past week off. (I took the week off; Rhiannon was off for her summer break.) Thankfully, I’m lucky enough to have the sort of in-laws where a week of visiting them is really a good vacation.

Vacations to see new things and new places are fun. Having a week to hang out and let the mind wander can be just as good. We kayaked, watched baseball, softball, and volleyball, saw some friends and family, lounged outside with our feet in a kiddie pool and ate too much good food that we didn’t have to make for ourselves.

We also got to see our niece, a baby who might trust me but also might be too young to know any better.

That, or she is intimidated by my freakishly long arms and too scared to say anything.