Lack Of Trust, What Else Is New?

People besides us have officially seen our house. Starting last week Thursday, Rhiannon’s aunt and the Toddler-That-Doesn’t Trust-Me stopped by to see the place in the afternoon. Thus, the existence and location of our primary dwelling was now confirmed. (We’ve been in the house for over three weeks now, but no one had seen it. I was beginning to feel like it was one of those things, like the ultimate stock that someone said they bought, but then never really had any proof and it just kind of faded away. Our house exists. Really – it does.)

Previously, I had heard how TTDTM was better out of her house – not that she really runs over to strangers in any situation, but she tolerates them. Here I went and thought that maybe if I am tolerated in her house, she would warm up to me a little in my house.

In retrospect, I made one large mistake in my reasoning – I have a tendency to assume that any creature not possessing the vocabulary of a normal teenager will react like the one non-talking animal I have lots of experience with – a dog. Apparently, this is untrue. Toddlers do not seem to be territorial. A dog that is a vicious guard creature at home can become quite docile when out for a walk, away from his home territory.

Our house did not have this effect on TTDTM. She still didn’t trust me. Tolerated, barely. Looked at me as if to say “Everything was so nice before you got here. The wood floors were so much more fun to stomp on. The steps were so much higher to jump off of. My grapes were so much sweeter. Now I have to spend all my fun time watching to see where you are and what you are doing.”

I’m ok with it. I accept the fact that someday there will be a teenager that may or may not have come to accept that I might be around from time to time.

And Rhiannon even said she would stop referring to me as “That Scary Guy” when talking to TTDTM. Vocabulary or not, that can’t hurt.