A Work Of Randomness

Happy 1st day of summer and summer solstice. The days are now getting shorter. Snow is probably right around the corner. The word “solstice” comes from the Latin of sol = sun and sistit = stands. It was used to signify the time when the sun stopped moving north or south in the sky (summer or winter). In case you were wondering. The Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer is the southern and northern most points that the sun will ever be directly overhead.

If you were going to bring a paper bag to work with your lunch and you knew that several other people brought the same size bag, wouldn’t you all write something on your bag to distinguish it? I saw three different people grabbing bags and looking in them to find their lunch in one day. I don’t think the solution is really that complicated.

It finally rained at our house. We had two good showers yesterday evening. The water beaded on the deck. That is the proudest we’ve been over painting a bunch of wood. Amazing what happens when you actually own the wood. I couldn’t care less about the deck in our apartment.

Rhiannon has a friend from college visiting this weekend. Ergo, two and half weeks after moving in we are completely unpacked and as settled as we can be right now. We still need(want) a few things for the house, but Home Depot told us not to come quite so often. I hear they didn’t want their sales spiking this quarter and then dropping significantly the next.

I may know a few Latin words (about three, counting the two listed above) and have an above average knowledge of science. This hasn’t helped me at all on Jeopardy over the past two weeks. I used to watch it and say there were some shows I could have won. I’d be doing good right now to have positive money by the end.