Deck v2.0

Perhaps you missed the first part of the deck cleaning. Perhaps you didn't. Either way, my status as rain god was officially revoked when it didn't rain all weekend. (Except at our softball game on Friday night. 15 miles from our house. It was cold and wet. The house didn't get rain at all.)

Dry deck = time to seal. Saturday morning, we went at it.

The sealer said it was "Transparent 400". The manufacturer has a different definition of transparent than I do, but both Rhiannon and I were happy with the results.

The Deck v2.0 ready for use.

Tip: If you haven't been outside much, make sure you apply sunscreen. Evenly. All over. Only my arms got burned. Rhiannon wore a swimsuit top and asked me if I was trying to prevent her from tanning when I applied sunscreen liberally to her shoulders. I took that as a back off signal and did her lower back pretty sparingly. You could see the edges where I ran out of sunscreen. Rhiannon could feel where I ran out of sunscreen. Oops.