Next Week, I Start Full Time As A Rain God

It hasn’t rained in over three weeks here. Of the first 15 days in June, 13 were above 90 degrees. It was the earliest in the year we ever hit 100. Rhiannon and I decided to seal our deck this weekend. Today, it’s low 70’s and raining.


Last night we rented a pressure washer and did some prep work.

The deck before we started – I don’t think it was touched since being built.

The bucket of cleaner that we rolled onto the deck. It looked strangely like blue Kool-Aid and I got thirsty just looking at it. Apparently deck cleaner is toxic and not to be consumed. Good thing they put warning labels on those bottles. And the whole foaming thing - that was a tip not to drink it.

The deck turned out to be more like a giant sponge than a wood deck. It soaked up the water and cleaner, except for the spot on the opposite side where the previous owners had a mat under their grill.

Difference in old vs. pressure washed section. Turns out if you leave wood outside all year for several years, it gets dirty. Who knew?

Deck version 1.5. Now if the weather holds, we’ll get sealer on it this weekend.