We All Slept A Little Better Last Night

As you may have gathered from my early morning post – Rhiannon is indeed employable once again for the foreseeable future. We’ve heard all along that the first job or two can be tough to find for a new teacher – especially in the area that we moved to. It’s a growing school district, but that growth and the upper-middle class type suburbs also attract a lot of applicants.

Last summer passed without nary an interview until right before school started – Rhiannon was actually hired after the first day of school. When she started interviewing for jobs over a month ago, we felt pretty confident she would find something without two much trouble. After all, (and this is my own biased opinion – but supported by others) she is pretty good at what she does.

She sent off a huge pack of applications off to start and then a steady 2 to 4 more per week as new jobs came up. Slowly, calls came in to interview, so she started driving around after school, going from interview to interview. We even went to one on a Saturday morning.

Everyone she interview with said about the same thing. “You had a wonderful interview, you seem like a great teacher that we’d love to have on staff here, we’re going with someone with more experience.” Like an additional 5 to 15 years of experience.

I understand teaching is a little different than other jobs – you don’t necessarily start at the bottom and work your way up the corporate ladder of responsibility. In engineering, as an entry-level worker, I was not asked to interview against someone with 15 years of experience. If I could do their job, there is a problem with the system. In teaching, however, this is exactly what happens.

One principal told Rhiannon that out of over 150 applicants, they interviewed 8 people and she was the only one with less than 7 years of teaching.

Moral victories get old after a while.

And the job postings where starting to become less frequent each week. We hadn’t entered panic mode yet, but it was getting there. We have some plans for the rest of the summer that keep getting pushed back until we know for sure what our schedule was going to be. We have things we want to do in the house that we said, “We’ll wait and see about a job and then think about it.” We would have managed with Rhiannon subbing. There are certainly people in a worse situation than us.

Still, a little tension lifted from the atmosphere last night. When went out for a celebratory dinner and I think that was the most I have seen Rhiannon smile for about a month. She was relieved/happy/thinking about how she could enjoy the house and stop worrying about interviewing everywhere, and I was happy for her for all of those reasons.

Congrats Rhiannon. I knew you could do it. Finally someone else saw that too.