We Know How To Celebrate

Yesterday, Rhiannon and I celebrated our one-year anniversary. And when I say celebrated, I mean painted. And packed. And unpacked. And cleaned. And packed again. And it was wonderful. We started our morning off like any ideal anniversary should – the alarm went off before either of us were ready to get up and then we realized that Rhiannon had no cereal left and had left the last pack of oatmeal she liked at the house the night before. Personally, I think this is pretty romantic.

A funny thing happens when you are eating quick meals in an apartment and really only spending time to sleep there – dishes pile up. So after a sub par breakfast, Rhiannon did dishes while I started hauling boxes out to our cars to haul down to the house.

Side note: there are 30 steps between our cars and our apartment. I did at least 20 trips yesterday. That’s 600 steps up and 600 down. Who needs to work out? All you need to do is move.

After everything was cleaned and packed, we headed to the new house to finish painting our accent wall in the master bedroom. The previous owners had light wood furniture and had gone with a darker brown paint scheme accented by black ceilings. This didn’t really work for us.

We walked into the house and saw it was a frigid 77 degrees on the thermostat. (I haven’t read the instruction manual yet and I’m not really sure how to turn on the AC. This might become a little more important once we are fully moved in.) After unloading the car (and meeting one of our new neighbors), we had a couple turkey sandwiches for lunch and went to work painting.

Since the majority of the room was done, we removed all the tape from the trim and discovered that when the previous owners painted they weren’t that careful. And when we taped everything off 4 days ago, we really didn’t pay attention if we taped over brown – we just taped where the edge should be.

We did touch up painting. And then started on the accent wall. More taping and more painting. More working. Personally, I think this is pretty romantic.

Later in the evening, we realized we had nothing for planned for supper. We weren’t done painting, cleaning, or unpacking. We were in no shape to go out to a restaurant. Somehow the sweaty t-shirt paint-speckled face look isn’t a good look for public. We also managed to forget half a case of champagne at our apartment – no celebrating for us. We agreed on what we wanted and I ran to the grocery store to pick up supplies. Shopping list: frozen corn dogs and fries, orange pop, ketchup, and a little ice cream. This was our anniversary supper. Personally, I think this is pretty romantic.

And around 10 pm when we finished painting and cleaned up, and by 11:30 when we were ready to drive home, and by 1 pm when we had loaded the cars to haul more stuff today and gotten ready for bed, we had been working for close to 18 hours.

Rhiannon went to bed while I finished taking the last box out to the car. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and joined her soon after. She was already sound asleep. And as I lay beside her I thought about how a year ago, we had just gotten married. And to celebrate, we put in one of the longest days of work I have spent in a long time.

Our lives have been a little stressful lately – Rhiannon has been interviewing for teaching positions in a new county, we’ve both been working hard in the new house – we’ve been short on sleep and long on things to do. We’ve taken on a mortgage that has a final scheduled payment in 2036.

And then I thought how these long days have given us the opportunity to spend time with each other. We don’t have a TV in the house yet. We’ve been working together in the same room, talking, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company.

Last evening we ate our supper of corn dogs and French fries on our back deck – it was a beautiful evening – and looked at our lawn and our house and talked about the possibility of being here and starting a family together. And later last night, we walked over to the mailboxes and checked our mail, hand-in-hand, just like we use to walk around town when we were in high school. We walked back to the house and I couldn’t help but think that even though we both have a little bit more responsibility and pressure in our lives, we still have each other. We’re still the two high-school kids that went on walks almost every night during one summer. We’re still the two people who made a long-distance relationship work over 5 years living in different states through college. We’re still the same two people who fell in love a long time ago and finally got around to getting married last year. We’re still the same two people who have always been a little weird, a little quirky, and a little over-our-heads into each other.

I’m still madly in love in with her, and regardless of what our future holds, as long as we’re together, I know we’ll be ok.

And personally, I think that is pretty romantic.

Happy first year, Rhiannon, and here’s to many more.