Homeowners - Day 1

In case you didn’t figure it out from last night’s post, we closed on the house yesterday. Really, it was a pretty easy process – a bunch of people put a bunch of papers in front of us and told us what all the papers said on them and where we needed to sign and initial over and over again and when the paper ran out, they said we owned a house.

I didn’t think that the signing and initialing was as bad as everyone said it would be – except for the fact my forearm was a little tense, my hand started to cramp up, I was considering chewing through my own arm, and the pen was slowly wearing through the finish on the table from where I just kept initialing, even after the paper had stopped coming.

All through this process, we have received large stacks of papers with tiny writing on them. All through this process I have read pretty much every tiny word on each of the papers. The agents at the closing were all very impressed by this and really didn’t want me to read any of the words on any of the papers yesterday. This is what happens when closing is near the close of business. Most of the pages we have seen before in some way or another – they were just official this time, - so I skimmed them and let them go.

And people brought water.

And candy.

Two aides dropped from exhaustion.

(I’m kidding.)

(But not about the candy. I especially liked the caramels.)

And at the end of the stack of papers, the agents all clapped, like we were in 6th grade and had just made it through our 11s time tables without messing up once, finally because for the last time, 11 times 12 is 132, not 122 or 133 like you think it should be.

Rhiannon and I went back to the house and dropped off the ladder and paint sticks and I looked at her and she looked at me and we decided that we were both pretty tired and it turns out that right after you buy a house, all your stuff isn’t in it right away and we should probably just go back to the apartment and get ready for the next day.

Today we start a little painting. And moving. And packing.

Happy new house – now get to work.

It didn’t really seem all that different as we pulled out yesterday – we had been to the house several times and it still didn’t have our stuff in it and we weren’t staying there overnight and it was still a house, not “home” yet – but when Rhiannon reached up in her car and hit the garage door button to close everything up, I felt like it could be. It felt like it would be.

Happy new house – welcome home.