What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate

If you ask any of our friends, or each other for that matter, Rhiannon and I are usually on the same page about how we do things day-to-day. If we go shopping or do some house cleaning, we work well as a team and don’t really have to tell the other person what we’re going to do – we just know how we both work and we generally work the same. This works out well for us. For about the past week, we have not been working well together. I will take most of the responsibility for this. I’m hoping it’s just due to my mind being elsewhere with the upcoming house purchase (Project Homeowner Status: 1 business day away) and a few busy things at work.

A few examples of my general lack of normal function: -stopping at a green light on a completely empty road -completely losing track of where I am and attempting to turn the wrong way onto a street -being unable to navigate a shopping cart and talk at the same time -general bursts of incompetence in everyday tasks

I’m hoping (Rhiannon is really hoping) that this is a temporary state of mind for me and will pass once things resume somewhat of a normal schedule. I don’t consider myself overly stressed out or fatigued our current situation, so I really don’t know what is causing it.

Early onset Alzheimer’s, anyone?