The Great Box Collection

Project Homeowner Status: 1 week and counting. I thought we had done well the previous two weekends with the cleaning of the two closets in our apartment. At the time, both Rhiannon and I would have said that we really didn’t have that much stuff and it probably wouldn’t take us very long to pack.

We were a little bit wrong.

While we don’t have a house or 20 years worth of stuff to sort through, I think both of us were a little unprepared (at least I was) for the number of boxes we could easily fill with stuff. We started packing on Sunday and we made it through our bookshelves, CDs, movies, and picture frames and had enough of packing for the day. In Rhiannon’s defense, the majority of the CDs, movies and books were items I had before she ever moved in – ah the beauty of marriage – what’s mine is hers and what’s hers is hers. I think I have that right…

We no longer have access to our fireplace as the boxes have efficiently sealed it off. The boxes are also threatening a hostile takeover of our office-bedroom corner. I think the scary part is that we have only started packing the non-essential stuff. We haven’t even thought about kitchen, clothing, or bathroom items.

Meanwhile, we close a week from today (everything looks like it should be ready). A month ago we thought it seemed like forever until we got the house. Today, a month ago is starting to feel like forever ago. We still want to do more packing over the holiday weekend and get painting supplies lined up so we can paint a room in the house before we move in.

This all seems a lot more exciting in person than reading about it. In fact all this information can be summed up quite briefly:

-We have a lot of stuff. -We put some of the stuff in boxes. -In a week, we can start moving the boxes. -We have stuff to do in the meantime.

Stay tuned for further long-winded rambling type posts with a Cliff’s Notes section taking all of 15 seconds to read.