It's My Party, I'll Wear Clothes If I Want To

One birthday party: check.One Toddler-That-Doesn’t-Trust-Me: check. One Shocking Revelation: Stay Tuned.

Rhiannon and I attended TTDTM’s birthday party over the weekend. We have gotten together with Rhiannon’s relatives several times over the past year, but never with quite this many people. (The birthday party also double as a retirement party for TTDTM’s grandpa.) All told, there were around 30 people in attendance. Considering that at a ripe old age of two, TTDTM doesn’t really understand the concept of birthdays yet, she made out pretty well. She (or her parents) also knows how to work a guest list.

There was one other baby in attendance. He was 14 months old. This allowed TTDTM to show how well she can share a ball and a doll, causing all the elderly people with money to spare to comment on how cute she was and immediately go home and re-write their wills to give her a large portion of their estates. This also allowed her to take said ball or doll back as soon as the people with the money looked the other way.

The 14 month old could care less if he had a ball or a doll to play with. He was fascinated by the spinning wheels of the toy baby stroller. The wheels were pink. Pink with the little hearts. He was enthralled. His dad was less than enthused and searched for a power tool or a gun to replace the pink stroller on the number one new coolest thing list.

After food and cake (both excellent) came the time to open presents. There was an abundance of new summer clothing – we gave a purple and blue sundress that I helped pick out. My experience in sun dress shopping, much less a sun dress to fit a two year old is limited, to say the least, but I managed to assist in picking a cute outfit. TTDTM is also now the proud owner of two new baby dolls and a yellow plastic gun blows bubbles when the trigger is held down.

Amongst the clothes was a teal two-piece bathing suit. TTDTM was an immediate fan of the suit and decided that there would be no better time that the present to try it on. She sat down to and took off her shoes. Then she handed the suit bottoms to her dad to have him put them on her – over her shorts and under her jean skirt. They fit and looked good, buy you could tell she wasn’t satisfied. Something was amiss. She took off the suit bottoms off and then proceeded to remove the shorts and skirt she also had on. Really, even a two year old knows you don’t wear a swimsuit with your clothes under it. Again, it fit and looked good. All was well and she took the suit bottoms back off.

And left them off. And didn’t put the skirt or shorts back on. And really didn’t want anything to wear other than the diaper she already had.

From the gallery of onlookers came the comment, “Well, it’s not a party unless someone loses their pants.”

And the shocking revelation: I am not the only one that TTDTM doesn’t trust. Mostly it’s unfamiliar guys. There we even enough females at this party she started to ignore her own grandpa. What does this mean for our relationship? I always thought I was special in her mistrust of me. Now I come to find out that I’m just another strange guy to her. This will take some soul searching.

At least with the amount of senior citizens at the party over the weekend, it was the two-year old who lost the pants and not anyone else.