Sticking It To The Man

There are several older men in my workplace who wear jeans to work on every Friday. Our company does not have a casual Friday policy.

These men consider themselves rebels. As of late, they are becoming a little more daring – they used to wear black or very dark blue jeans. Now they are getting lighter blue every week. I think I even saw one with the stonewashed pre-ripped trendy style. They like to talk about how they work so hard, they are going to wear jeans regardless of what management thinks about it. I understand the desire to be comfortable in the work place, but I don’t agree with the notion that by wearing jeans I would be standing up for the little guy against corporate America. Corporate America is signing my paycheck.

I hate to break it to them – the CEO sitting in his plush office is still going to get his stock options and healthy compensation regardless if they wear jeans or not. He could probably really care less.

The last time the CEO visited, no one wore jeans.