V.I.P Invite Only

We have a rather exclusive party to attend this weekend – invite only style – outsiders need not apply. The-Baby-That-Doesn’t-Trust-Me is having her 2nd birthday party. Really, she’s not so much of a baby anymore. She runs around and climbs stairs wonderfully. She will heretofore be known as The-Toddler-That-Doesn’t-Trust-Me, mainly because she is now more of a toddler and… she still doesn’t trust me.

She does tolerate me, suspiciously and apprehensively.

We spent Easter with Rhiannon’s family, including TTTDTM (there are now far too many letter T’s in this). It had been a while since we were down to see them so were waiting to see how things would go. We rang the doorbell and entered the house. TTTDTM came running to see whom it was.

We made eye contact.

I could tell I was just above tolerable. I attribute this to the fact that she likes to play with Rhiannon and I come with Rhiannon – therefore I am allowed to exist in her space long enough to let Rhiannon play.

Case Example: TTTDTM has a stroller for a baby doll. She likes to push the stroller around the deck. Rhiannon showed her how to push the stroller really fast and make lots of noise (and bother everyone else on the deck trying to have civilized conversation.)

And then Rhiannon stopped pushing said stroller, and the game wasn’t nearly as fun as when she was. The new game became Rhiannon pushing the loud stroller around the deck chasing TTTDTM while wearing heels. Rhiannon started it; I felt no sympathy. The chasing soon extended around the table and close to where I was sitting, and that was as far as it got.

Close. Not really close. Not past. Even with the stroller right behind her, she would stop, look at me as if to say, “Just because I’m having fun doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten where you are. I’m watching you. Always watching. Unless I’m eating. But I’m still aware of where you might be.”

Birthday party this weekend. I think it’s probably good that her parents made the guest list. I don’t know if I would’ve made the cut.